Our practice is often centered on an idea we call “contact interventions” playing on the dance practice of contact improvisation and typical artist interventions. We seek to activate the body, creating an exchange similar to the movements of contact improvisation dancers, reacting off and finding impulse from our surroundings. Finding new platforms for creating art outside of the conventional settings is something we find important to include in our practice for its ability to reach a broader audience and provide unexpected results.

Jaime Schwartz (USA, 1977)

Jaime Schwartz holds an M.A in Contemporary Art Theory and Curatorial Practice from San Francisco State University. Jaime started studying modern dance in San Francisco and continues to study and perform in Berlin. In 2009 along with Anna Natt she founded the performance group Crystal Tits.

Anna Natt (USA, 1975)

Anna Natt completed her Flamenco studies at the Fundación Christina Herren de Arte Flamenco in Sevilla, Spain before moving on to study with different teachers, most notably Israel Galvan. She is a member of the Swiss contemporary flamenco company “El Contrabando” and teaches at Centro Flamenco dance school in Berlin. In April 2009 she co-founded the performance group Crystal Tits.

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